Parish Council

Notice of Election – Police and Crime Commissioner Election doe Avon and Somerset Police area.

Notice of Election – Vacancy for one Councillor for Haselbury Plucknett Parish Council

Chris Simmonds


Chairman : Cllr Chris Simmonds
Glebe House, Claycastle, Haselbury Plucknett. Somerset. TA18 7PB
T: 01460 78774 

Committees & Working Groups :  Roads & Highways Working Group. Finance Committee.
Other Responsibilities : Haselbury Plucknett Phone Box Defibrillator

Matthew Bryant


Vice Chairman : Cllr Matthew Bryant
The Swan House, Swan Hill, Haselbury Plucknett. Somerset. TA18 7QT
T: 01460 73454

Committees & Working Groups: Finance Committee

Deborah Boyse

Trustee : Cllr Deborah Boyse 

Cranford , North Street , Haselbury Plucknett , CREWKERNE , Somerset , TA18 7RJ
T: 07736716410

Lucy Gibbons

Parish Clerk & RFO: Mrs Lucy Gibbons
Rose Cottage, Pendomer. Yeovil. BA22 9PH
01935 863106 

Committees & Working Groups: 
Finance Committee

Bryan Atherton

Cllr Brian Atherton
Giffords Cottage, Giffords Lane, Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset. TA18 7RH
01460 76836 

Area of special responsibility: Village Hall Trust liaison

Blank Profile

Cllr Richard Bourne


Cllr Hugh Williams
Haselbury House , Haselbury Plucknett , Crewkerne , TA18 7RA
T: 01460 77449

Cllr Jacqueline Prunty
Haselbury Wing , Haselbury Plucknett , CREWKERNE , TA18 7RA
T: 01460 279759

Margaret Rendall

Cllr Margaret Rendall
51 New Close, Haselbury Plucknett, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7QY
T: 01460 73949

Jim Farrant

Cllr Jim Farrant
Orchard Cottage , Claycastle , Haselbury Plucknett, CREWKERNE, TA18 7PB
T: 01460 76233

Councillor’s Registers of Interests are available to view using THIS LINK

Committees of the Parish Council

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meet quarterly. Committee responsibilities include reviewing of cash flow, to forecast, make recommendations on budget and precept matters, consider charitable donations and ensure best practice policy is followed.

Working Groups of the Parish Council

Standards & Policies Working Group

The Standards & Policies Working Group meet once a year before the A.G.M. and/or when required. The role of this group is to review, on behalf of The Parish Council, matters of policy, standards and procedure and to ensure that both The Parish Council and elected Councillors are following and are compliant with current legislation.

The Roads & Highways Working Group

This Working Group of the Parish Council meet as required to discuss and liaise with County highways and SSDC and Haselbury Speedwatch Team on all matters and issues relating to parking, roadside ditches, road surfaces, pavements, roadside drains, Speeding and road safety.

The Village Hall Feasibility Working Group

The Village Hall Feasibility Working Group is an advisory group currently meeting monthly and are looking in to every aspect regarding a new build village hall for our village. Site, planning permission, The investigation of National Lottery funding and architect all come under the Groups remit. Decisions involving capital spending are made by the Parish Council.  

The Footpaths & Rights of Way Working Group

A small team made up of Parish Councillors and members of the public. The group take on small clearance tasks where Parish land or some Highways land is involved. This is over and above of the normal services supplied by the County Council. Volunteers also report any issues on our public footpaths such as dog nuisance, litter, access issues, broken gates or styles for action. If you would like to volunteer to help with footpath management tasks locally or to report any Public Rights of Way issues, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Member of Parliament

Marcus Fysh

Marcus Fysh MP

The House of Commons, London. SW1A 0AA
T: 020 7219 4527 
​Twitter: @marcusfysh

County Councillor

Mark Keating

Cllr Mark Keating

Bay Tree Farm, Haselbury Plucknett. Somerset. TA18 7PE
T: 01460 73003 (office hours) 
M: 07767 203968

District Councillor

Oliver Patrick

Councillor Oliver Patrick

King’s Gatchell, Higher Street, West Chinnock, Crewkerne, TA18 7QA
T:  07969 269 416

Photo used under Creative Commons from Kenneth@Vetter